Experienced Pulmonologist (Chest Specialist) and Sleep Specialist

Hello! I am Doctor Tanvir Reza. I specialize in quick diagnosis and full treatment of all chest diseases and sleep disorders.

With more than 20 years of experience as a pulmonologist, I have been successfully treating patients, like you or your dear ones, with various lung diseases and problems of the respiratory tract, using the skills acquired in the service of specialty hospitals of the UK, and practiced in Kolkata.

You will find utmost assurance and comfort, while consulting me regarding minor or critical chest ailments. I believe in taking holistic care of your chest, lungs and its related illnesses so that you can breathe easy and sleep well.

As a specialist in chest and critical care:

“I want to make people aware of our specialty in early diagnosis, prevention of infection, and effective treatment of chest diseases. Most importantly, show them how we can help them live healthy lives in polluted Indian metropolitan cities, like Kolkata. I firmly believe in and practice the proverb - prevention is better than cure.

Chest diseases cause maximum distress but is the most neglected of the major specialties. Not many people know about pulmonologists and so, are treated inadequately or inappropriately. Anyone who has looked after a Bronchitis patient at home, with nebulizer, oxygen and BIPAP, will know what I am saying. These patients do not suffer so much if diagnosed early."

I have the experience and skill to treat you for any troublesome chest symptom.


Arindam Mukherjee (service, 40 years) –

“Dr. Reza easily diagnosed my acute chest pain as Rib Fracture. He treated me with great care and motivated me to recover. I became fit within a week, with plenty of rest and very few medicines. He is a chest specialist who is a blend of modern expertise with minimal medication and a friendly healing touch, which makes the patient feel good.”

Dipak Kumar Basu (retired mariner, 80 years) –

“I used to sleep in intervals during the night. Was drowsy throughout the day. Fell asleep even while sitting. Snored heavily. I was not aware of any sleep specialist in Kolkata. Dr. Reza diagnosed my condition as Obstructive Sleep Apnea and treated it. I have never slept better since then.”

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